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Outreach at Paiko Village 29th Nov 2009

Volunteers busy at Paiko Village, we had a lot of children.

Our angels after a fulfilling day.

Some of our angels after a full day of giving.

The innocence of childhood.

The innocence of childhood

This one’s for you!!

Children in line getting some clothes

The Lord is truly able to provide for our every need!!!

Waiting expectantly for their turn to get served

Thanks for your donations. You put a smile on a lot of faces. God bless u.

Volunteers giving out clothes.

Be a blessing to someone, donate your old clothes to us. We distribute them weekly.

Volunteers sorting out the clothes before distribution.

Volunteers weekly bless the poor with free medical consultstions, medication, food and prayers.

Every week we are out at different locations attending to the less privileged for free with doctors, nurses, phamacists. food and prayers.

Four new angels join the team.

We were blessed with four new doctors, Dr Adaora, Dr Rotimi, Dr Hakeem and Dr Nwachukwu

Praise the Lord!! The people are out and the outreach is underway.

Putting The Lord first. With God on our side, who can stand against us.

Kicking off with a prayer and a word from The Lord.

With Jesus we can do all things. The people starting to gather.

We faced serious challenges this week. Almost gave up on this outreach, but where there is a will there is a way and with our GOD all things are possible.

Uphill task, determined to be a blessing.

New day at Angwa Mada, We cannot get to our usual position, so we have set up in this open space, the villagers will have to come out to us.

Cross section of our volunteers

nurses, doctors, cross section of the volunteers

Medical Volunteers at Paiko Sun 15th Nov 20009

Volunteer medical team keeping busy. Sunday Nov 15th 2009

Feeding the hungry at our new location @ Paiko village

Large crowd waiting patiently.

How can we bless you today??

Picture Sheet 2


Picture Sheet 1


Partner with us, let’s make a difference.

Waiting to get some attention at our latest location.

This one is for you.

Just the right size

Volunteer fitting young boy for a shirt.

Please donate your old clothes!!

What do u have for me??

Children waiting to get some clothes.

I was naked and you clothed me.

little boy getting new shirt.

Little boy gets a new shirt.

What a sweet child.

Cutie got a new T shirt

The young man is showing off his new T shirt.


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